Published: 18-12-2013 00:00 | Updated: 23-01-2014 14:51

New management positions at Karolinska Institutet

Several new positions have been added to the management organisation of Karolinska Institutet – three Deputy Vice-Chancellors and one Deputy Dean All of them have added important issues to the upcoming university strategy.

Out of these positions, two are brand new. These are the positions as Deputy Vice Chancellor for International Affairs and Deputy Vice Chancellor for Innovation and Industry Relations, where the first is about strengthening the international strategy efforts, focusing on select university cooperation, and the other is about reforming the innovation systems of Karolinska Institutet and create broader forms of cooperation with the industry.

The third position as Deputy Vice Chancellor corresponds to that held by Professor Martin Ingvar since 2012/2013, i.e., representing Karolinska Institutet in the management of the Future Plan for Healthcare in Stockholm (FHS). Martin Ingvar will continue his work, but as of 1 January 2014, he will have a new title: Deputy Vice Chancellor for the Coordination of Matters Relating to Future Healthcare.

A fourth position is being formalised, but it will have the same contents as the previous position of Vice Dean for Recruitment, now with the title Deputy Dean for Recruitment, which will be filled as of 1 January 2014. The assignment will remain the same: to chair the Appointments Office and prepare the recruitment of professors and senior lecturers, including adjunct and guest lecturers.

The new positions are intended to strengthen the management, and fulfil key functions in the in Strategy 2018; the “master plan” for Karolinska Institutet's core operations which will be determined by the Board of Karolinska Institutet during the spring semester 2014, once they have been established within the organisation.

Text: Anders Nilsson