Published: 02-10-2018 15:34 | Updated: 18-10-2018 08:56

New management at the Division of Physiotherapy

Malin Nygren-Bonnier och Joanna Kvist

The Division of Physiotherapy at NVS has a new management from 1 October 2018, when Malin Nygren-Bonnier start as Head of Division and Joanna Kvist as Deputy Head of Division.

Malin started at the division as a clinical lecturer in 2003. The following year she started her doctoral studies, after that she became lecturer and then a senior lecturer.
Malin has her main employment as lecturer with joint employment between the division and functional area occupational therapy and physiotherapy, Karolinska University Hospital. She has also been Deputy Head of Division until now, Programme Director of the Physiotherapist Program until September 1, is now Deputy Program Director and Deputy Research Group Leader in Agneta Ståhle's research group for respiration.
"The biggest challenge is all the changes going on now," says Malin. "There is much happening within the entire KI organization. I will make sure that we are stable while we review this".

"In the past, it was more of supervision," says Malin, but now I get direct responsibility for staff and it will be fun working with all highly skilled employees in both research, education and administration.
"It's a good division and I want to manage it well," she says proudly with a smile. "It'll be fun!"

Joanna Kvist has been a senior lecturer in the division since one year ago, and is also Professor at Linköping University and a Visiting Professor at Mälardalen University.
"I applied for the job because I thought it was challenging and exciting," said Joanna. "It's a good way to get into the organization and be able to influence. "
She thinks the most important thing is to get to know all the staff members in the division and thus see what there is to do.

"It feels like this is a good working place and that most works well," says Joanna. I can also see the perspective from the outside, like a fairly new employee, what could possibly be done better and how we should satisfy the organization to achieve our goals, she continues. I have previously had a similar service in Linköping and I like this kind of work.

Joanna thinks the greatest challenge is to gain transparency, and then looking at other challenges and acting on it. From the turn of the year, she will finish her Visiting Professorship at Mälardalen
"The funniest thing is to hang here in the house," Joanna continues happily, "becoming one in the gang, part of it all. It will be fun to have the opportunity to influence!"