Published: 2020-08-21 15:32 | Updated: 2020-08-26 08:12

New Head of Department takes office at BioNut

“Being the new Head of the Department of Biosciences and Nutrition is an honour that I very much look forward to with a mix of enthusiasm and curiosity”, says Professor Janne Johansson, who is looking forward to getting this chance to know the work and the people behind the research groups at BioNut, as well as their broad range of exciting topics.

Professor Janne Johansson is Professor of Biological Dementia Research and is leaving the Department of Neurobiology, Care Sciences and Society (NVS) to take on this position from September 1st, 2020 until August 31st, 2025. He is succeeding Karl Ekwall as the Head of Department at BioNut. Janne has a background in medicine from KI, including his PhD studies, and he has earlier worked at both KI and SLU, in Uppsala.

What made you apply for the position as Head of Department?

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Professor Janne Johansson

“As I see it, BioNut is engaged in broad and high quality basic biomedical research, with the ambition to take the results to applications and treatments that improve human health. This is exactly what I think a medical university like KI should focus on. Moreover, earlier collaborations with BioNut have given me very good impressions, and I was therefore positively surprised to learn that I was nominated for this position, with a chance to become a part of an interesting department”, says Janne Johansson.

"I like the soul of BioNut"

Biggest challenges and vision for the coming years

Janne foresees that one of the biggest challenges will be that the competition for external funding will become even more fierce in the future. He also believes that building a creative, collegial, friendly and helpful atmosphere between employees and groups at a department the size of BioNut will be a major challenge, but he thinks that it will be beneficial in the end.

Janne believes that the great potencial of BioNut can be made even stronger by fostering collaboration between groups within the department, but he will also aim to increase and deepen collaborations between BioNut and other departments at KI South and at KI as a whole. He is confident that by joining forces, groups at BioNut can successfully attract external funding for bigger research, as well as teach questions that take on some of the global challenges of our time. “A more concrete ambition of mine is to make the attractiveness of BioNut well known, so that we will be able to bring in the creativity and experiences of new and strong research groups”, says Janne.

He is now looking forward to overseeing and representing, not only research, but also all other activities going on at BioNut, including teaching, core facilities and administration. Although knowing that this will also be a new challenge to him.


Janne Johansson Professor