Published: 02-09-2019 15:22 | Updated: 30-09-2019 14:21

New head of department at the helm

Maria Ankarcrona - new Head of Department at NVS. Photo Selma Wolofsky

”It will be both fun and exciting to take up as a new head of department,” says Maria Ankarcrona. She wants to keep steady in the helm and hopes to do a good job.

”The assignment as Head of Department attracted me when I see that it provides a development potential for me,” says Maria. ”I have been Head of Division for one and a half years and also have a past as director of doctoral education at NVS for six years, so I think this will be a challenge that suits me well and can develop myself as a leader. In addition, I like the department very much”.
She also sees the opportunity to work with together with other departments, as a chance to see KI from different angles.
”KI is an exciting workplace with many possibilities”, she emphasizes. ”And of course I hope to do a good job!”

She believes the most difficult challenge with this very extensive assignment, is to keep the focus on education and research.
”It is a question of getting time to push the core issues forward”, she says”., Here I get to delegate and have a good executive management group to lean on. I have to keep the helm and steer properly”, says the newly appointed Head of Department who enjoy the sea.

In a five-years-perspective with NVS Maria wants the department to remain and continue to develop.
”We should be the first choice regardless of whether you want to educate yourself to an occupational therapist, physiotherapist, nurse or specialist nurse in Sweden”, she says. ”And we should be many researchers linked to dementia research.”
As a kind of vision/mantra, she thinks: "We are good, but can be better."
”I want all employees to feel that they are involved in and contribute to our important work”, Maria continues.
”We should feel proud of our work environment and what we do!”

Maria argues that NVS has a good working climate and friendly atmosphere.. She believes that it is because the department is "straggly", something that may create a greater understanding of each other.

Private Maria likes to socialize with her family (consisting of three children and husband) and relatives.
”We have a second house on Värmdö, which is our breathing hole and there we also have a boat”.
Furthermore, she likes skiing both slalom and cross-country skiing and puts great value on meeting her friends.