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Published: 2019-10-09 17:48 | Updated: 2019-10-14 15:17

New gym in Solna officially open

A steady stream of curious students and staff passed by the new gym facility to train, play team sports, battle intense table tennis matches, or attend engaging lunch lectures with KI researchers during Grand Opening Week.

Patrik Emanuelsson, head of KI health promotion, started the inauguration ceremony on 1 October with the vision of campus training, coupled to the strategic concept of "one KI" and the work with the Sustainable Development Goals.

In his opening speech, President Ole Petter Ottersen emphasised the importance of physical activity, both for the brain and body, in the creation of a sustainable healthy society. After the band clipping (two jump ropes around a pair of parallettes, a group of students and staff joined the President for a jogging tour around the campus.

At the post-run celebration, MF’s Blåslaget and Dragplåstret provided the musical and dance entertainment, and Jöns Jacob provided a plant-based, healthy, and tasteful menu. KI Health promotion, Framtidsrådet, and Medicinska Föreningen would like to thank everyone who made this week possible. 

Special thanks to President Ole Petter Ottersen for his support, and to the lecturers, researchers and moderators for interesting and knowledge-enhancing lectures and discussions about physical activity and health: Adrian Valkeaoja, Marian Papp, Jessica Norrbom, Maria Ahlsén, and Carl Johan Sundberg, Anna Krook, Jorge Ruas, and Mirko Mandic.

The new gym will be open from 06:30 to 22, and welcomes all KI students and staff with a KI card. The name of the gym -  BOX - is an abbreviation of the former premises – Berzelius lab Old eXamination hall.

Grand Opening Gym Solna
Grand Opening
Grand Opening gym
Grand Opening
Grand Opening

Panel Discussion with Professor Anna Krook & Assoc Prof Jorge Ruas. Moderator: Adrian Valkeaoja

Lunch Presentation: Adrian Valkeaoja on Motivation & Physical Training

Lunch presentation: Mirko Mandic on HIIT