Published: 01-07-2024 12:12 | Updated: 01-07-2024 12:12

New guidelines for employment after reaching LAS age - to retain important expertise at KI

On 26 June, the President decided to repeal previous regulations and establish new guidelines for employment after reaching the LAS age (69 years, the age for the right to remain in employment).

On behalf of the university management, a review has been carried out of the guidelines for employment after reaching the LAS age. The new guidelines clarify the employer responsibility of the head of department and dean in terms of competence supply and transfer. The guidelines also clarify that it is primarily an affiliation that applies to an employee who has reached the LAS age (e.g. emeritus/emerita for a professor), but that there is also a possibility to be reemployed after reaching the LAS age. 

The new guidelines also implies that the current five-year limit will no longer apply and that it is therefore possible - if there is a demand in the organisation - to rehire an employee after reaching the LAS age. The change means that it works at KI as at most other Swedish higher education institutions.

- "Senior employees' expertise is an important resource for KI, so it feels fulfilling that we have now reached this decision. With the new guidelines in place, we can ensure senior competence in the organisation, without impairing the career opportunities of junior employees," says KI's President Annika Östman Wernerson.

The new guidelines will apply from 1 January 2025.