Published: 29-09-2022 17:56 | Updated: 10-10-2022 11:20

New framework agreement: Fruit 2-628/2022

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We have a new framework agreement regarding fruit baskets. Our new supplier is Monica Askebäcks Frukt AB (FruitHero) from 2022-09-02.

There are 3 different subscriptions that you can choose from:

• Bass range

• Special offer

• Organic range

Ordering procedures for a Fruit subscription

Every client within KI must have their own account/login to enter and adjust their subscription if necessary. The customer must be able to cancel a subscription. A maximum of 30 days notice shall apply for termination of subscription. Written confirmation via e-mail of received termination must be sent to the Customer within 1–2 working days.

The customer must be able to pause or reduce/increase their subscription. A written request for suspension of delivery or adjustment of order must be received by the tenderer at least 20 days before expected delivery. As well as written confirmation via e-mail of received termination must be sent to the Customer within 1–2 working days.

Delivery cost must be included in subscription cost.


1. For the first order, you go to an order page that is specifically adapted for KI:

2. You enter the selected Subscription, delivery address, invoice reference (ZZ) etc.

3. Confirmation comes via e-mail with practical information and login details to the customer portal:

To end a subscription or pause, you must contact customer service at or call 08-248420.

Via the customer portal, you can see your subscription, planned deliveries and other information. The customer can change, add, cancel etc. directly via the customer portal.


Termination of current fruit agreement

With the new contractual supplier, the old subscription from Företagsväxter i Knivsta AB must be cancelled. This should happen automatically from the supplier, but to be on the safe side, it's good to still contact business plants in Knivsta and say that your subscription should be cancelled.

Phone: +46 (0)18 591100
Telephone Jan Palm: +46 (0)8 34 24 24


Eva Palmer Head of unit