Published: 01-12-2015 14:57 | Updated: 05-02-2016 16:42

New format for seminar series on Campus Huddinge

Confab is a new seminar series on Campus Huddinge. Myriam Aouadi is the initiator and organizes the seminars with the aim to get colleagues to know each other, share research ideas and have fun.

- We had this type of seminar series at my previous work place and I thought the idea was brilliant! I am a new PI and I recruited people outside of KI, which is the case for most of my colleagues at the ICMC. I think this is a great way to meet our colleagues at KI, and particularly in the Huddinge Campus, says Myriam Aouadi.

Who will speak at the seminars?

- It will be postdocs and senior researchers. The goal is to give them the opportunity to improve their communication skills. Although communicating data to a specialized crowd or a more general audience is a must in a scientific career at every level. The next step for a postdoc is usually to get out there to look for a faculty position and being able to communicate will be a priority. The Confabs will be a unique setting to practice presenting as well as getting feedback on your scientific results.

Why should our colleagues not miss this event?

- Because we will have the opportunity to mingle, discuss, attend a great seminar and interact with each other. Everybody at KI is welcome and together we can make this event a great success!

The seminars will continue every other week on Thursdays and it will be speakers from MedH, Clintec, BioNut and LabMed. The speaker and title for every Confab will be announced the week before it takes place. Contact Myriam Aouadi if you are interested in giving a talk at this seminar series.