Published: 24-10-2022 15:30 | Updated: 26-10-2022 09:22

New episodes of the KIPRIME podcast

The KIPRIME Podcast provides a broad and evidence-based panorama over the global cutting-edge research in medical education. During Autumn 2022 new episodes are launched.

KIPRIME podcast logo
KIPRIME podcast. Photo: KI.

In the podcast you will meet the globally most prominent scholars in medical education.

The first episodes of the KIPRIME podcast was launched during 2020, produced by the Unit for Teaching and Learning (UoL) in collaboration with the Gunnar Höglund and Anna-Stina Malmborg Foundation.

New episodes 2022

In the first episode Dr Liselotte Dyrbye talks to Alina Jenkins about her key research areas, including human-centred design processes to improve the learning and work environment, and how to better influence change within medical education and the impact of stress on cognition and behaviors. 


Karolinska Institutet Prize for Research in Medical Education (KIPRIME) is awarded for outstanding research in medical education. The prize is financed by the Gunnar Höglund and Anna-Stina Malmborg Foundation, which was established in 2001.