Published: 21-12-2022 11:51 | Updated: 21-12-2022 12:13

New episode of KIPRIME podcast with Anna Pettersson

In the new episode of the KIPRIME podcast you can listen to Anna Pettersson talking about Learning Anatomy: Understanding anatomical structures presented as 3D visualizations.

Anna Pettersson.
Anna Pettersson. Photo: Erik Cronberg.

Anna Pettersson talks to Alina Jenkins about her current research - learning anatomy. While a lot of research has focused on instructional design, developing, and comparing digital tools, test scores and student perception, her research group has studied the student processes towards understanding anatomical structures presented as 3D visualizations. 

Anna Pettersson is Assistant Professor and Programme Director at Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm. She received her PhD in physiotherapy in 2005 and her MSc in medical education in 2013. Anna has extensive experience of educational development and pedagogical leadership as a member of the board of education and is a member of the Pedagogical Academy at the Karolinska Institutet.


Jonas Nordquist Researcher