Published: 17-11-2021 09:20 | Updated: 17-11-2021 11:25

New Environment and Climate Action Plan at KI

Sustainable Development Agenda 2030
Photo: Gabriel Holmbom Eg Design/CONCORD Sverige

The President at KI has decided on the Environment and Climate Action Plan 2021-2024. The action plan concretises the goals of KI's Climate Strategy 2030 and is part of the university's environmental management system.

KI wants to help solve the global climate challenges. For KI, this means driving the development of knowledge on climate change and health, while minimising KI's own climate impact.

The action plan, produced by the Council for Environment and Sustainable Development, clarifies what this means for KI and what needs to be done. 

The action plan is part of KI's environmental management system and is intended to support and assist the departments´ own efforts to reduce the negative environmental impact and enhance the positive impact of their activities.

We can all, based on our different roles and competences, contribute to the achievement of the environmental objectives.

In accordance with the Higher Education Act, KI shall work towards sustainable development and according to the Regulation on Environmental Management in Government Agencies, KI shall have established environmental objectives for its operations with an associated action plan.