Published: 15-02-2014 12:18 | Updated: 21-02-2014 12:33

New edition of Medical Science

Order your issue of Medical Science 2014 – an annual English language edition collecting a selection of the best articles from the 2013 editions of the Karolinska Institutet popular science magazine Medicinsk Vetenskap.

A collection of articles included:

A nose for good taste

The nose is an expert in telling good from bad. Now researchers are trying to use the power of smell to detect the worst of the worst of the bad - diseases.

Stroke - a race against the clock

For the majority of stroke survivors, an arduous period of recovery often awaits them. A part of the brain has died, and much that previously came naturally now poses an almost insurmountable difficulty. Read more in our theme on stroke.

Research keeps children above water

An abundance of waterways and weak swimming skills make drowning the leading cause of death among children in Bangladesh. Research from Karolinska Institutet is now being used to reduce the number of lives lost.