Published: 16-04-2024 15:34 | Updated: 16-04-2024 15:42

New director and deputy director of doctoral education at NVS

Ulrica Nilsson, Professor in Nursing, Division of Nursing and Grégoria Kalpouzos, senior lecturer and docent at the Division of ARC. Photo: Angelica Liljenroth (Ulrica) and Grégoria Kalpouzos (Grégoria).

As the current Director of doctoral education at NVS, Erik Sundström, chooses to step down as Director, in connection with his retirement in August 2024, a new Director of doctoral education has now been appointed. It will be Ulrica Nilsson, professor at the Division of Nursing - who has been the deputy Director of doctoral education in recent years - who will now take on the role of Director of Studies. By her side, she will have Grégoria Kalpouzos, docent at the Department of ARC.

Grégoria Kalpouzos will now become the deputy Director of doctoral education. The new Directors of doctoral education will take up their duties on August 1, 2024.

Was it obvious for you to apply for this position?

Ulrica: ”Yes, I have had the role as deputy director of doctoral education for 5 years and thoroughly enjoy the assignment, so applying for the regular position was natural”. 

Grégoria: ”I am a member of the committee for doctoral education at NVS since 2019 as deputy for the ARC division. Becoming deputy director is a natural progression for me”.

What do you think you can contribute with?

Ulrica: ”My experience as a deputy director of doctoral education, great interest in research and quality development. But also my interest in finding good solutions where things don’t go as planned, see 3”.

Grégoria: ”I will do my best to contribute to an optimal education environment for our doctoral students”.

What will be the most fun with the assignment?

Ulrica: ”The supervisors and doctoral students, to meet them, listen and partake in wisdom but also to achieve good solutions in situations when it’s a bit problematic, when things don’t go as planned. It’s a lot about relationships and not understanding each other. As a director of doctoral education, you don’t take a stand but mediate and find good solutions together with supervisors and doctoral students. When it succeeds, which it does in 99% of the cases, it feels good in the heart”.

Grégoria: ”To work together with Ulrica, Heli and all committee members, and have new duties is the most fun”.

Do you see any major challenges as director/deputy director of doctoral education?

Ulrica: ”We have a well-functioning doctoral education at NVS, and that is largely thanks to my predecessors and the cohesion and consensus that exists at KI regarding doctoral education. High ceilings (open-mindedness) and focus on maintaining high quality but also on introducing new things”. 

Grégoria: ”I do not know yet. I guess I will find out. It will be fine!”

What is the best thing about being a director/deputy director of doctoral education at NVS?

Ulrica: ”The breadth of research that exists at NVS, everything from the small molecule to the human life world. Can it get any better?!”

Grégoria: ”It is rewarding to see our doctoral students graduate successfully and that they had a positive experience during their doctoral studies”.