Published: 28-04-2020 11:15 | Updated: 28-04-2020 11:17

New call for funding: SFO Stem cells and Regenerative medicine 2020

Call for short-term support for KI infrastructure

The KI SFOs have received additional funding for 2020. The SFO StratRegen will use a proportion of this sum for KI infrastructure.  Based on an open call up to 4 infrastructure grants may receive up to 2 million SEK each for proposals aiming to develop and make accessible to the KI community technologies of relevance for the research field of stem cell biology and regenerative medicine. Existing platforms and core facilities with clear development potential will be prioritized. The funding is targeted for technologies that will be provided as a service. Funds will not be provided for research projects.

Relevance for the field – who can apply?

Stem cells play an important role in the development of tissues, and for maintenance and regeneration of tissues in adulthood. Research in this field is rapidly expanding our understanding of these processes. Stem cell therapies are established in clinical medicine for malignant as well as for non-malignant conditions and novel therapies are continuously developed and entered in preclinical and clinical trials. Applicants involved in infrastructures with relevance for the above-described fields are welcome to submit applications to this strategic research area.

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Eva Hellström Lindberg Professor/Senior Physician