Published: 27-10-2023 15:01 | Updated: 27-10-2023 15:05

New app for reporting occupational safety and health incidents

To constantly develop KI as a student- and workplace, we need to learn from past events. Therefore, it is important that you always report if you experience deviations in the work environment.

Report incident
Report incident Photo: Free

At KI, we handle work environment incidents via the web-based IA system. There is now an app to download, so that it will be easier to report.

Install the app,  IA - Avvikelser i arbetsmiljön

On the Incident - if something has happened page, log in with your usual KI login details so that you are in a logged-in mode on the Staff Portal.

In logged-in mode, you will at the bottom find instructions and login details to get started with the app  IA - Avvikelser i arbetsmiljön.

If you have previously downloaded the IA app you need delete the old one and to download the new app.

Read more about reporting work environment incidents on KI's website - Incident - if something has happened

NB! In case of acute danger or emergency, call 112.