Published: 18-10-2023 12:02 | Updated: 30-10-2023 14:36

New app for reporting occupational safety and health incidents

To constantly develop KI as a study- and workplace, we need to learn from past events. Therefore, it is important that you report if you experience deviations in the work environment.

At KI, we use the web-based IA system for managing work environment events. Now there is an app that you can download to make it easier to report on occupational safety and health incidents.

To install the app IA - avvikelser i arbetsmiljön

On the Reporting incidents page, log in with your usual KI login details so that you are in a logged-in mode on the Staff Portal.

In logged-in mode, at the bottom you will find instructions and login details to get started with the app IA - avvikelser i arbetsmiljön.

If you have previously downloaded the IA app, you need to delete the old one and download the new app.

NB! In case of acute danger or emergency, call 112.