Published: 29-06-2016 17:27 | Updated: 30-06-2016 09:25

New Adjunct Professor and 2 New Associate Professors at MTC

New Adjunct Professor at MTC

Adjunct professor

Maria Bejarano

Organizational unit: Marie Arsenian Henriksson group

We would like to welcome Maria-Teresa Bejarano as an Adjunct Professor in Infection Biology, starting from 1st June. She is a Senior Research Advisor at the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida) where she coordinates the support to health research initiatives. She has a progressive record of project management and policy development in global health, research health, research capacity strengthening and higher education.

The activities she aims to carry out during the affiliation will include:

  1. To continue with research on Endemic Burkitt's lymphoma as a polymicrobial disease. The intention is to get further insights on the interaction between Plasmodium falciparum and Germinal Center B cells in the pathogenesis of Endemic Burkitt’s lymphoma.
  2. Participating in teaching on Global Health programs with particular emphasis on Global Health Diplomacy.
  3. Mentorship for PhD students who have an interest in Global Health Programs and Global Health Diplomacy.
  4. Being a partner for discussion on KI Global Health plans and programs and the roles that KI can play on the Global Health Agenda and being a partner for discussion on research cooperation and capacity building programs with universities in low income countries.

New Associate Professors at MTC

Senior researcher

Margareta Wilhelm

Phone: +46-(0)8-524 874 74
Organizational unit: Margareta Wilhelm group


Andrey Alexeyenko

Organizational unit: Ingemar Ernberg group

Margareta Wilhelm has been appointed Associate Professor (docent) in Tumor Biology and Andrey Alexeyenko has been appointed as Associate Professor in Bioinformatics. We wish them all the best in their future careers.