Published: 2021-04-20 17:35 | Updated: 2021-04-22 08:58

New address for profile pages

As of an update on Thursday evening, April 22, the address for a profile page will be and for the english version. 

The address is generated from your email address. People with the same name, are distinguished by the email address by a number, this will also be reflected in the URL. Example: johanna-sjoblom-1.

The old address will be redirected to the new one, which means that links found elsewhere will continue to work.

Likewise, if you change your name and get a new email address, the old address will continue to work. 

The change has been made for security reasons.

Finding a ki-id

If you usually use to find a ki-id, then it will no longer work. Use Outlook instead. Proceed as follows:

1. Open the address book in Outlook - either via the "To" field when writing a new e-mail, or via the toolbar.

2. Search the person you are looking for, and scroll sideways to the right. The Alias ​​column lists the person's ki id.

screenshot on how to find a ki-id in outlook
Finding a ki-id in the global address book in Outlook.