Published: 29-08-2023 11:51 | Updated: 03-10-2023 13:35

NeurotechEU secures another four years of EU funding

Image: NeurotechEU logotype.

The European Commission recently released the results of the 2023 call for European universities. NeurotechEU, the European University of Brain and Technology, where KI is a partner, is among the 30 selected alliances that will receive 14.3 million euro to continue their collaborations for another four years.

Together with two new partners, Reykjavik University and University of Lille, KI and NeurotechEU enter the next part of the collaboration where the focus is on strengthening and developing education, research and innovation in neurotechnology. With the experience gained by the alliance during the pilot phase, the focus in the coming phase will be on strengthening the research collaboration through mobility. With the support of innovative tools, platforms and educational methods, new courses and programmes will be developed within the collaboration.

- With a positive evaluation of our application for the next phase, the potential for what NeurotechEU can achieve is clear. With the solid foundation that the first three years have built, I'm excited to see how we work to realize that potential and make a difference, says Bob Harris, vice rector for doctoral education, chair in the KI Internationalisation Board and  KI's academic representative in the alliance.

KI will play an important role in the work to develop a common platform for education and will have the main responsibility for the alliance's overall communication. Representatives from KI will, as before, be involved in all parts of the collaboration.

European Universities

The European Commission's target is 60 alliances by 2024 and the current number is 50. They include more than 430 universities in 35 countries.

Read more about the results from the call on the European Comission.