Published: 10-01-2022 11:13 | Updated: 10-01-2022 11:13

Natalia Rivera receives research grant from Swedish Pulmonary Medicine Association (SLMF)

Natalia Rivera, Assistant Professor at the Department of Medicine Solna, has received the pulmonary medicine research grant for genetic research in sarcoidosis from the Swedish Pulmonary Medicine Association (SLMF). She receives SEK 250 000 for 2022 for the project "Integration of omics data to identify potential drug targets in sarcoidosis".

Natalia Rivera's picture
Natalia Rivera, researcher at Center of Molecular Medicine (CMM), Department of Medicine Solna Photo: N/A

The grant is a prestigious award for pulmonary research from the Swedish Pulmonary Medicine Association (SLMF). The award is achieved through a national competition that takes place once a year, and it is given to a maximum of two applicants in Sweden.

SLMF funding includes the collaboration of the pharmaceutical industry and aims to support medical research in pulmonary medicine with high-quality and promising clinical value. 

The award will be presented at the Swedish Lung Congress 27-29 April 2022 in Malmö.


Natalia Rivera Assistant professor