Published: 22-11-2019 13:25 | Updated: 22-11-2019 13:29

Moving Across - where Art meets Science

Two SRP Diabetes researchers will take part in this unique show to explore science through music, improvisation and art. The event takes place on November 24 and is organized by researchers from Karolinska Institutet.

The organizers hope to inspire the participants to discuss science-related questions with the presenting scientists and artists in a relaxed environment accompanied with some snacks and refreshments. We talked to SRP Diabetes researcher Jorge Ruas who will be one of the five researchers participating.

Why are you involved in this event?

- I was approached by the PhD students and postdocs who are organizing the event and I thought it was a great initiative to reach out to the general public and explain what our research is all about, in a novel and original way. I’ve participated in other initiatives like this in the past and it’s always been a great experience. Lastly, it is a formal part of our mission as researchers and faculty, to communicate our findings and our research efforts to the public.

What do you think it will give the audience?

- First, I was really happy to hear that the event is sold out! It means that people are interested in finding out more about what research is being done, and why, and what they can expected from it. It also means that this event/communication format appeals to people. To listen to science facts, ideas, projects in a more relaxed and interactive environment that tries to find bridges between art and science and culture. I’m excited about it.

What will you talk about?

- As you know my lab researches the molecular links between exercise and health. We’re interested in understanding how physical exercise can help a patient with diabetes, or depression, or cancer and how it can be used to prevent disease. I will try to convey these ideas in a very short period of time.