Published: 21-11-2022 16:11 | Updated: 21-11-2022 16:21

Move to new unified web pages for KI’s core facilities begins

Core facilities with funding from the Infrastructure Council will be easier to find for users. This is the purpose behind the project Digital profiling of KI’s core facilities, which began in spring 2022. Implementation of new, uniform templates for the facilities’ web pages on and in the booking system iLab is now underway.

Decorative illustration of a maze in the shape of an arrow.
A more uniform web presentation will make it easier for users to find the right core facility at KI. Illustration: Getty Images

The project is a collaboration between the Faculty Office and the Communications and Public Relations Office and is partly funded by the Infrastructure Council. Core facilities that are affected will however need to spend some time updating their own web pages. In total 37 core facilities will be affected.

“If you are navigating through the various web pages of the core facilities, you will notice quite quickly that they look very different and that many have a sender perspective. The overall impression is unfortunately quite confusing and difficult to penetrate. We want to try to do something about this through a more uniform presentation, at least of the core facilities that receive central funding,” says Katarina Sternudd, Science Communication Strategist at the Communications and Public Relations Office.

Extra resource

Four to five core facilities at a time will be offered assistance with content planning and presentation according to the new templates starting in December 2022. It is possible for the departments’ or core facilities’ own web editors to carry out the move themselves if they so wish. But there will also be an extra resource from the internal team of communication consultants that is funded via the project.

Core facilities without central funding may also use the page templates but are not covered by the support offered by the project. More information will go out to the relevant facility managers, heads of department and web editors through other channels.