Published: 08-06-2022 11:46 | Updated: 08-06-2022 11:46

More places in KI-Region Stockholm's clinical research schools

The number of places in KI and Region Stockholm's clinical research schools has been increased by 27 % from 2022.

KI and Region Stockholm decided in May to increase the number of places in two of the clinical research schools starting in the autumn of 2022. The decision means that the number of places with salary cost compensation to the participants' clinic has been increased by 6 places (to a total of 26 places) in the research school in clinical therapy research and by 4 places (to a total of 16 places) in the research school in family medicine and primary care. Both schools also offer a number of places without salary cost compensation.

Research schools have more scheduled learning activities than the traditional doctoral education, and the students are mostly clinicians.

The 5 clinical KI-Region Stockholm research schools are for doctoral students clinically active in Region Stockholm and comprise a total of 16 weeks’ full-time courses (24 HE credits). The courses are divided into four four-week blocks over two years. 

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Portrait of Martin Bergö
Martin Bergö, Academic Vice President for Research. Photo: Ulf Sirborn

“Limited opportunity for clinical research and doctoral education is one of the top priority risks KI has to manage this year and a vital aspect of this is time for clinical research and doctoral education,” says Martin Bergö, academic vice president for research and KI's chair of the KI-Region Stockholm Research Council. “It’s a complex problem and there’s no easy solution to it, so we need to approach it from different angles. The clinical KI-Region Stockholm research schools are incredibly popular amongst our clinical doctoral students and the new places are an important addition.”

Erika Franzén sitting outside.
Erika Franzén, Deputy-chairperson in the Committee for Doctoral Education. Photo: Ulf Sirborn

”Last year, a new fifth KI-Region Stockholm research school in clinical therapy research was established”, says Erika Franzén, vice chair of the committee for education at graduate level and member of the Research Council KI-Region Stockholm. ”It is particularly gratifying to see that there is a high application pressure for the new school starting this autumn. Taken together, these decisions mean that KI and Region Stockholm have increased the number of places in the clinical research schools by 27 % from 2022. There are still many clinically active doctoral students who want to attend the research schools but who cannot be offered a place, and there is reason to continue working for more places in these schools.”