Published: 21-11-2023 12:31 | Updated: 21-11-2023 12:37

Monthly report KI RIMS - October

This is a short report from the project team working on the implementation of KI RIMS. The posts are aimed at those who are interested in the work of adapting the product Elements from Symplectic to KI's requirements and conditions and want to follow the development process.

You can read more about the entire project on the Staff Portal: Systems Support for Research Information

Contact person: Malin Essén



The new profile pages will be published on on December 14.

Postponed due to challenges with the development and testing of the technical environments. Read more on the Staff Portal: Your new profile page on – in December instead of November.


Profile Pages and Group Pages on

  • The system has been upgraded and now enables the creation of person lists for groups. This will primarily be applied in two ways: 1) creating lists of group members beyond those included in the administrative group, and 2) creating lists of group members to be excluded from being displayed on
  • An inventory has been conducted to determine which research groups currently have information on Manual transfer of certain information to KI RIMS has been initiated.

Research Output and Other Merits

  • Information about positions in Primula has been standardized in collaboration with colleagues in HR and can now be displayed on in both Swedish and English.

Labels, Keywords and Visibility

  • The ability to assign free keywords to individuals has been disabled. We will evaluate whether SCB and MeSH are sufficient for displaying subject areas for individuals. There is a possibility to activate unclassified keywords in the future.
  • The ability to use unclassified keywords remains for publications, grants, and more.

Display and search on

  • The mapping between fields in the SolR index for and the report database has been completed, which means we can populate the index with real data from the report database and start testing and adjusting both the index and the new profile pages with real data.

Overviews and Summaries

  • The Qualifications Portfolio has been tested on senior researchers with various types of merits, and after these tests, the recommendations regarding visibility levels have been clarified.

End User Support

  • Texts for the web for KI RIMS user support are ready and have been published on the Staff Portal
  • Introduction sessions for KI RIMS in Zoom and workshops for users of the Qualifications Portfolio have been added to the calendar.