Published: 22-12-2023 09:53 | Updated: 22-12-2023 09:58

Monthly report KI RIMS - November/December

This is a short report from the project team working on the implementation of KI RIMS. The posts are aimed at those who are interested in the work of adapting the product Elements from Symplectic to KI's requirements and conditions and want to follow the development process.

You can read more about the entire project on the Staff Portal: Systems Support for Research Information

Contact person: Malin Essén


Group pages that do not exist in KI's organization

  • We have tested making settings in Element based on the needs expressed by a number of centers and networks, and we can now proceed to determine how we want to utilize the capabilities of the system.

Research Output and Other Merits

  • A correction effort to separate data for nearly 300 publications that were incorrectly merged has been completed.
  • The requirements specification for the development of UBW Affiliated is finalized, enabling the listing of affiliated docents in KI RIMS.

Display and search on

  • All necessary technical environments to send information from KI RIMS to are set up. Profiles with all information in both Swedish and English are flowing to Solr and further to
  • More than 800 groups within KI's organization have, to the extent possible, had certain information filled in KI RIMS. These groups are then forwarded to It is now possible to edit and publish web information about groups in Drupal and convert existing pages to the new group page.

Overviews and Summaries

  • Eight different reports are available in KI RIMS, meaning that users of KI RIMS can extract compiled information with various standardized selections.

Grants and Research Projects

  • We have evaluated the information in the Dimensions database in collaboration with colleagues within RSO, gaining a better understanding of how useful the information is for KI and the comprehensive picture it can provide of KI's ongoing research.

End User Support

  • The RIMS web is synchronized with user instructions on, available in other parts of the Staff Portal. 
  • About 2400 users have logged into KI RIMS, posing a total of about 60 questions to support. 
  • Around 75 employees have participated in the latest four introduction sessions on Zoom.