Published: 31-05-2023 08:42 | Updated: 28-08-2023 16:35

Monthly report KI RIMS - May

This is a short report from the project team working on the implementation of KI RIMS. The posts are aimed at those who are interested in the work of adapting the product Elements from Symplectic to KI's requirements and conditions and want to follow the development process.

You can read more about the entire project on the Staff Portal: Systems Support for Research Information

Contact person: Malin Essén


Configuration and implementation

In mid-April, the project had its first major delivery, which meant that KI RIMS is now in live operation (called production environment) and in a test environment. In both these environments, we have a continuous import of verified articles from the bibliometric system. KI's theses are now also available in both the test and production environments via an initial import.

This means that we now have a KI-adapted system in live operation that we know works, and which contains information about KI's researchers, publications, and grants.


In April, Symplectic (the supplier) launched new functionality for groups that we requested, which means that we can now begin to create a tangible structure for managing both formal and non-formal groups (such as networks, forums, etc.). It is crucial to make it possible to display a research group's or a center's overall research output in a good way.

Create findability

When we present the RIMS project and KI RIMS to different groups at KI, the need for reliable and searchable information about who holds the title of docent is raised. KI RIMS can collect and display this information, and we are now working closely with HR and the Primula supplier on how KI can ensure the quality of the information on the title of docent. We may need to adjust work processes within KI to achieve this goal.

This is an example of how many of us need to work together to ensure that KI RIMS contains data of good quality now and in the future. This makes the management of KI RIMS a complex and interesting issue with many areas for collaboration. 

The RIMS project will work together with representatives from the Research Committee to develop labels for accessibility, for example for those who want to present themselves as available for collaborations or media contacts. The Committee for Research will also assist the project in developing principles for which of the information in KI RIMS should be displayed publicly and internally at KI.

Search and filter on

Solr is a solution for intermediate storage of data between KI RIMS and Solr gives KI good opportunities to search and filter the information on We now have a server with Solr installed at the IT Office and we can start configuring it.

We have developed sketches for how the profile pages on may look like with future information retrieved from KI RIMS and received feedback on them from end users.

Overviews and summaries

The system supplier has offered a possible development of the Projects module and we have also made progress in the inventory of possible sources to show ongoing research. Thus, there are good opportunities both to display this information on and produce it in reports and CVs.

We have an ongoing collaboration with the HR Office, and now we know that KI RIMS will be involved in the upcoming review of the Qualiicatons Portfolio. Our goal is to simplify the process and to make KI RIMS' automated feeds as useful as possible.

Grants & Research Projects

We have confirmed that KI RIMS will be able to retrieve information on grants from the Swedish Research Council via Dimensions. We also have an ongoing discussion with the management of Swecris regarding the integration of information on grants from KI foundations and funds and are hopeful that this can be achieved.