Published: 31-07-2023 15:19 | Updated: 25-09-2023 09:10

Monthly report KI RIMS - July

This is a short report from the project team working on the implementation of KI RIMS. The posts are aimed at those who are interested in the work of adapting the product Elements from Symplectic to KI's requirements and conditions and want to follow the development process.

You can read more about the entire project on the Staff Portal: Systems Support for Research Information

Contact person: Malin Essén


Labels, keywords and visibility  

We have integrated and can now show the current university healthcare unit (USV unit) as an employment in KI RIMS.  

We collaborate with Cancer Research KI and will add their set of keywords in both Swedish and English to KI RIMS.  

A working group consisting of members and administrators of the Committee for Research has discussed their perspective on a number of important questions that the project highlights and needs answers to. Two examples of areas are the Naming of Research Groups (to achieve consistency and searchability) and Visibility Levels (what type of information should be publicly visible or not, and what opportunities researchers should have to control this), among others. Recommendations have been formulated for the Committee for Research to consider, and thereafter work needs to be conducted, and in some cases, decisions will be made by the President and/or University Director. 

Research outputs and other merits  

We have activated the possibility to both read and write publications from and to ORCID which can replace the "write to ORCID" function from the bibliometrics system. This means that publication data only needs to be entered in one place to be more complete in both KI RIMS and ORCID, and that it is possible to add more publications than those currently detected by the bibliometrics system.   

We have activated the possibility to link a Figshare account to your Elements profile. (Figshare is an open access online archive where researchers can store and share research results, including figures, datasets, images and videos).  

Display and improved search function on 

We have modeled how search and filter should work on and created simple sketches for how information about research groups can be displayed on The development of the new profile page has begun, so far with fictional content.    

Grants and research projects  

We have received a proposal for an agreement from the Swedish Research Council, for publication in Swecris, which is now being reviewed before we sign. If we can publish KI foundations and funds in Swecris, the possibility of getting them into KI RIMS via Dimensions increases.    

End user support  

In collaboration with the Research Support Office, we have developed a plan for how the information about KI RIMS can be integrated on the page for Researcher Support & Services on the Staff Portal.

Coordinated system administration 

Necessary roles and competencies for the coordinated administration are identified and will be agreed upon with the Portfolio Office, ITA, which brings KI's IT-related systems together in a common model for governance and collaboration.    

A first draft of the mission for the upcoming administration of KI RIMS is ready and can be utilized when we engage with the key components of KI's operations, which will form an integral part of the administration.  

The dialogue with the Director of Planning and the Head of Administration on the financing of KI RIMS in administration has been initiated.