Published: 27-09-2023 14:04 | Updated: 27-09-2023 14:13

Monthly report KI RIMS - August/September

This is a short report from the project team working on the implementation of KI RIMS. The posts are aimed at those who are interested in the work of adapting the product Elements from Symplectic to KI's requirements and conditions and want to follow the development process.

You can read more about the entire project on the Staff Portal: Systems Support for Research Information

Contact person: Malin Essén


Note! New opening date for KI RIMS: October 25

We need a few more weeks to guarantee good data quality. This means there won't be significant changes, except that you'll need to wait until October 25th before you can access and view/edit the information in KI RIMS. Otherwise, the schedule remains unchanged.


Profile Pages and Group Pages on

An inventory of existing information on group pages on has been conducted, and we now know which research groups currently have information on We have also begun the manual work of migrating some of this information to KI RIMS.

We have demonstrated how groups will be presented on in the future and what information will come from KI RIMS for a group of users. We have received answers to questions and guidance on direction.

Research Output and Other Merits

The algorithm for handling the matching of publications from various sources and identifying duplicates or unique items has been improved, resulting in higher-quality publication data in KI RIMS.

KI RIMS will contain information about docents, but not all of them will likely be included at the opening of KI RIMS. We are currently prioritizing efforts to ensure good coverage.

Labels, Keywords and Visibility

  • The Committee for Doctoral Education (KFU) has recommended four labels indicating accessibility within education.  
  • SCB classification linked to users are now continuously fed from the Bibliometric System and require no manual handling. 

Viewing and Searching on

  • The design of the new profile page is starting to take shape, but so far, it without real data. The new group page is mostly ready in the web publishing tool, but it also lacks real data. Several meetings with web editors have been held to prepare for the effort needed regarding group pages on
  • Proposals for a solution that will make it easier to find research information on through filtering have been demonstrated to a group of users and received positive feedback. The filtering will largely be based on tags from SCB classification and MesH for different types of information in KI RIMS.

Overviews and Summaries

  • User testing of KI RIMS' function for filling in the Qualifications Portfolio has been conducted, and we have received feedback on menus and help texts.
  • Five different reports have been finalized and can be tested.
  • Members of the Docent Committee have tested and provided feedback on content and formatting. This helps us create a document that meets the requirements and is readable for reviewers.

Grants and Research Projects

  • Our assessment of how much of KI's grants can be retrieved via Dimensions shows that approximately 7,700 out of KI's 11,000 research contributions will be included. We can now decide whether a central function within KI can supplement this manually.

End User Support

  • The overall structure of the webpage where support and user assistance will be found has been developed, and we have begun working more practically with the content.

Administration and Manageability

  • The organizational changes made within KI since April 19, which have not automatically been incorporated into the KI RIMS organizational structure, have been added manually.