Published: 13-06-2011 00:00 | Updated: 26-11-2013 10:29

Misunderstanding over contract education queue

[NEWS 2011-06-13] The recent media reports about Prince Daniel's course of education at Karolinska Institutet can be interpreted as meaning that it is possible for someone to buy their way past the waiting list of applicants to the university. However, this is by no means the case as contract education is provided on wholly different premises than regular university education.

Contract education is arranged by all Swedish higher education institutions in accordance with ordinance 2002:760 amending the Higher Education Act. The purpose of such courses is to offer employees, such as county councils, government agencies, interest organizations and private companies an opportunity to provide their employees with continuing professional development. The courses are arranged insofar as there is a demand for them and are paid for by the customer. They do not compete with the regular courses and programmes held by the university in question, and the admission procedures for the different types of education are wholly distinct. Further, private individuals may not pay personally for contract education.

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