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Published: 2020-06-24 12:35 | Updated: 2020-07-06 16:48

Meet LIME’s new health promoter Karin Wrangö

Three questions to LIME's new educational administrator Karin Wrangö, who will replace Agnes Elmberger as the department’s health promoter.

Karin Wrangö.

Hi Karin, for those at LIME who do not already know you, who are you?

I work as an educational administrator for doctoral courses at LIME as well as administration regarding the “eAT-provet”. I have previously studied public health science and medical administration and have a great interest for eating habits and exercise.

How do you intend to inspire to better physical and mental health?

By acting as a role model for healthy movement and eating habits in the workplace and by offering a few short movement breaks during working hours.

How do you prefer to exercise?

I usually bike to work when the temperature allows, powerwalk and strength train a few times a week.

    Three health tips from Karin

    Your top three health tips:

    • Moderation! Sleep, eat and exercise just the right amount.
    • Try to be aware in the present and seize the little joys of everyday life. Life happens now. 
    • Be kind.