Published: 05-12-2023 11:38 | Updated: 05-12-2023 11:38

MedS Day 2023

Two participants discussion a poster.
Photo: Skirmante Venaliene

This year's MedS Day, held on October 16, gave employees and affiliates at the Department of Medicine Solna a long-awaited opportunity to meet and take part in the department’s ongoing activities.

A lecturer on the stage.
Photo: Skirmante Venaliene.

On October 16 it was MedS Day in Aula Medica. The department celebrates 30 years and Head of Department Marie Wahren-Herlenius welcomed us with a historical view of the department and how it has grown and become one of KI's largest. 

During the day we enjoyed external and internal speakers, and much appreciated mingle with old and new colleagues. Ewa Ehrenborg and Petter Höglund started off by presenting an overview and thoughts on how to create good conditions for education and clinical research, and how we can achieve this within the collaboration between KI and the Region Stockholm.

We then listen to interesting scientific presentations by the department's own researchers: Per-Johan Jakobsson talked about the discovery of active substances in herbs for the development of drugs, Camilla Engblom presented new three-dimensional methods to study immune cell landscape, Helene Alexandersson talked about exercise as a valuable method to treat rheumatic diseases; and Leo Hanke presented how llamas and their special antibodies can contribute to infection research.

After lunch, Thomas Perlmann, secretary of the Nobel Assembly, revealed the exciting process of selecting Nobel Laureates. Furthermore, we heard about the infrastructure and visions for Center for Molecular Medicine by Michael Sundström. Finally, there was a session about our own health, this time with a focus on mental well-being where Ullakarin Nyberg discussed the importance of seeing each other and the courage to help each other. 

Mentometer was used to activate the large audience, both for MedS quizzes and by various speakers.  One of the questions was about education, and many probably did not think about that education and supervision are part of everyone´s work at the department.

The poster session was well attended with many creative presentations by the various research groups and teams. Particularly innovative was the administration's poster with a single large QR code where we got a filmed tour and introduction to everyone who helps us researchers and teachers. The audience voted for this year's poster winner at the Division of Reumatology who got to take home the big trophy again this year! 

Great to see so many there and thanks to everyone who participated and contributed to this year's MedS Day!

Text by Anna Färnert

Participants sitting in Aula Medica.
Photo: Skirmante Venaliene.
Three of the participants on the coffee break.
Photo: Skirmante Venaliene