Published: 25-11-2022 16:02 | Updated: 25-11-2022 16:09

MedS Day 2022

MedS Day 2022. Photo: Skirmante Venaliene.

This year's MedS Day, held on October 17, gave employees and affiliates a long-awaited opportunity to meet and take part in the department’s ongoing activities.

The winning team of the poster exhibition. Photo: Skirmante Venaliene.

The purpose of the annual MedS Day conference is to create a meeting place for employees and affiliated to the Department of Medicine, Solna. The day provides an opportunity to meet each, share experiences and to get information about what is going on at the department.

The day began with a visit by vice-chancellor Anders Gustavsson, who talked about KI's future. The rest of the day was devoted to presentations and discussions about ongoing and planned research- and development projects, as well as a visit by Research and Innovation Director for Region Stockholm, Clara Hellner, and Urban Lendahl, Integration Director at the SciLifelab. Karin Loré's quiz "MedS – the real deal" was also an appreciated part of the break.

During the day, everyone could take part in the poster exhibition and the best posters were voted for by the participants. First prize went to research group Marie Wahren Herlenius.

The next MedS Day is planned for autumn 2023.

MedS Day 2022. Photo: Skirmante Venaliene.
MedS Day 2022. Photo: Skirmante Venaliene.


Lessons learned and future perspectives at KI.
Anders Gustafsson, prorektor, Karolinska Institutet.

Research projects at the department.
Chairs: Per-Johan Jakobsson och Susanne Gabrielsson.

Emergency care for saving lives.
Therese Djärv, avdelningen för klinisk medicin.

Epidermal Sensors for Medical Diagnostics.
Onur Parlak, avdelningen för dermatologi och venereologi.

Quiz: Department of Medicine - the real deal.
Karin Loré, avdelningen för immunologi och allergi.

Infrastructures for translational research.
Chairs: Per Eriksson och Mona Ståhle.  

SciLifeLab - facilities and possibilities for precision medicine.
Urban Lendahl, Integration Director KI for SciLifeLab.

Developing good conditions for interaction between health care and academia.
Clara Hellner, Director of Research and Innovation, Region Stockholm.

Clinicum – a novel initiative providing research support.
Chair: Peder Olofsson.
Sandra Eloranta och Karin Ekström Smedby, avdelningen för klinisk epidemiologi.

Living well.
Chair: John Pernow.
Maj-Lis Hellenius, avdelningen för kardiologi.

Research projects at the department.
Chairs: Vivianne Malmström och Magnus Bäck.

CRISPR as a tool for drug target discovery.
Fredrik Wermeling, avdelningen för reumatologi.

Non-invasive electrical stimulation using temporal interference for central and peripheral nerve diseases.
Adam Williamson, avdelningen för kardiovaskulär medicin.

Care and management during labour and birth - time for transition to individualised care.
Mia Ahlberg, avdelningen för klinisk epidemiologi.

Effective communication and scientific writing.
Michael Fored, avdelningen för klinisk epidemiologi.

Wrapping up and poster awards.
Anna Färnert, avdelningen för infektionssjukdomar och Gunnar Nilsson, avdelningen för infektionssjukdomar.