Published: 2020-10-14 10:49 | Updated: 2020-10-15 10:49

MedEd Lab - seminars on pedagogical issues for educators

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There are literally thousands of educators involved at our students learning. Here at KI, but also clinically. It's time to have a place where we can discuss experiences, examples and expertise on education.

MedEd Lab is an web based series of seminars from the Unit of teaching and learning for educators at Karolinska Institutet.

We want to connect to discuss our education. From the nuts and bolts of the everyday teaching to the educational theory. We want to discuss both on-site practices and also what medical education can tell us. Together we hope to create a forum for community learning as we are trying out new methods.

The seminars has it's origin from the Educators Network where the discussion will be held before, during and after the seminars.

If you have ideas for upcoming seminars, or perhaps want to participate, either in front of or behind the camera, don't hesitate to contact us!

Join MedEd Lab on Hybrid Pedagogy 22/10

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We invite you to discuss the challenges and opportunities of Hybrid Pedagogy during a lunch seminar October 22.

With us, we have our Vice President of Higher Education Annika Östman-Wernersson and Carl Savage, Course director, Department of Learning, Informatics, Management and Ethics.

Join MedEd Lab on Hybrid Pedagogy


Teresa Sörö Project manager