Published: 21-04-2016 16:17 | Updated: 22-04-2016 14:33

MEB Student and Alumni Day 2016

Current and former PhD students

On April 19, the first MEB Student and Alumni Day was held at the department. The day began with a lunch time seminar by an industry recruiter who described many the career options we have as epidemiologists and biostatisticians. This was followed by an enthusiastic panel discussion on the topic “What to do if you want to stay in academia” with four of our own distinguished professors. The highlight of the day was the Q&A session with eight invited alumni speakers who have pursued both traditional and unique careers where their skills in epidemiology and statistics were key. To conclude the day, a mingle and dinner was hosted in Ljusgården for all MEB students, invited alumni, and faculty to continue the discussions and encourage networking. The organisers Isabell Brikell, Carolyn Cesta, and Camillla Wiklund, hope that this is the first step to building a strong student and alumni community at MEB. Current MEB students can benefit from the knowledge and experiences of alumni as they plan for their future careers, and alumni can benefit from opportunities to mentor current students and recruit bright, new talent for their companies.

The organizer would like dedicate a special thanks the alumni and professors who participated in the event and to the volunteers who helped make the event a success!

Alumni Speakers

  • Christina Wennerström
  • Anna Svensson
  • Gudrun Jonasdottir Bergman
  • Amy Leval
  • Michaela Prochazka
  • Maria Schelin
  • Fang Fang
  • Kazem Zendehdel

Faculty Speakers

Contact: co-chairs of the PhD Group


Carolyn Cesta

Organizational unit: Centre for Pharmacoepidemiology / H Kieler

Sponsorship provided by: The Strategic Research Program in Epidemiology