Published: 08-09-2016 16:37 | Updated: 09-09-2016 11:35

MEB colleague of the year 2016

Foto på Björn Gidlund

Every year, the staff at MEB is invited to nominate someone to be the MEB colleague of the year. Examples of characteristics of the winner include making MEB a friendly atmosphere in which to work for as many as possible, helping or facilitating collaboration within MEB, contributing to improvements in the work environment, taking initiative to “make things work”, and/or contributing to MEB’s goals of Quality in Research and Quality of Life.

At the annual kick-off day for the department we congratulated Björn Gidlund who was nominated both for his efforts in the demanding work of distributing office space in our crowded building and handling archiving at MEB, as well as his constant care for everyeon around him at the department.