Published: 13-02-2024 08:12 | Updated: 13-02-2024 08:15

Measures from the health and safety audit Dentmed

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Every year in August, managers together with safety representatives review our physical work environment in a round. The aim is to identify whether there are any risks for us in our work. Each risk is assessed on the basis of how serious it is and what consequences it may have - can we continue our operations? An action plan is then drawn up for the risks that need to be addressed. The measures carried out in 2023 are presented here.

Height-adjustable worktables and chairs

Over a three-year period, Service and Maintenance has replaced all desks with height-adjustable ones. As needed, the work chairs are also being replaced.

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Taps and mixers in the clinics

Here too, Service and Maintenance has been working over a two-year period to coordinate and replace all non-contact taps in our clinics.

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Change from fluorescent tubes to LED

According to an EU directive, fluorescent tubes must be replaced with LEDs. Service and maintenance will be inventoried and implemented over a five-year period, starting with the lighting above all of our 150 units.

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Instruments that lack CE labelling

All instruments in the lab have been replaced. As this is a major cost, others are replaced as necessary. Old instruments that are not CE-certified but are still in use are risk assessed to ensure their safe operation.

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Ergonomic briefings

To learn how to prevent repetitive strain injuries, everyone has been offered a lecture and practical briefing in both Swedish and English.

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Crowded lunchrooms, there are no areas to eat lunch:

A newly designed lunchroom on floor 6 was completed in December with room for 25 people. It is for everyone. It is possible to eat lunch at Mattorget, which has been equipped with more furniture and now has room for 148 people. There is no microwave, you heat your plate and take it with you. The Insulin is available for lunch between 12 and 1 pm every day. 

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Equipment in the clinics

The clinics' equipment must be functional and modern. Therefore, work is underway to replace equipment that does not work or is too old. This work will continue in 2024.

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Indoor temperature 

This is a recurring problem and often an individual experience. Measurement carried out on floors 6, 7 and 8 in spring 2023. Measurement showed that the temperature is within the right range. Akademiska Hus follows up with annual measurements to ensure the climate. Continuous error adjustments and measures are made. In 2023, Sterilen has received six new fan air coolers.

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High noise level in some places

The locations are being investigated in collaboration with Occupational Health. Ongoing work at Sterilen and Preklin. This work was carried out in 2023 and will continue in 2024.

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Compressed air and water

During the summer of 2023, property owners replaced 30 solenoid valves. This measure guarantees that the treatments are reliable, as the valves control compressed air and water to all our units.