Published: 16-12-2022 16:41 | Updated: 19-12-2022 16:20

Martin Bergö final candidate for KI vice president

Following a nomination process 10 people registered an interest in the position as vice president at KI. KI professor Martin Bergö is the final candidate proposed by the Election Committee for the position of vice president.

On 16 January, he will be presented to the Consultative College, which represents the university and its students and staff organisations.

After the hearing, the Election Committee will decide on the proposed candidate and present his name to the University Board, which makes the final decision.

The new vice president will assume office on 1 March 2023, succeeding Anders Gustafsson.

If Martin Bergö is appointed vice president of KI by the University Board, he will be replaced in his current role as vice president for Research. That process will if so, begin once the University Board has announced its decision on the role of vice president for KI.