Published: 09-10-2017 20:16 | Updated: 09-10-2017 20:16

Maria Kasper receives Gold Award from the LEO Foundation

Maria Kasper, Senior researcher at the Department of Biosciences and Nutrition at Karolinska Institutet, is awarded the LEO Foundation Gold Award 2017 of DKK 1 million. She is rewarded for her exceptional advances within dermatology research.

Maria KasperThe LEO Foundation Gold Award is awarded to young scientists whose work contributes in an extraordinary way to medical research. The chairman of the foundation says that Maria Kasper's research has increased the understanding of skin diseases and that her research can lead to improved treatments.

“My friends often call me ‘skin nerd’ since I love everything about skin. Thus, it’s such a happiness and great honour for me to receive this prestigious prize”, says Maria Kasper in an article on the LEO Foundation’s website.