Published: 24-01-2022 11:15 | Updated: 24-01-2022 11:15

Maria Hagströmer new GUA from January 2022

Maria Hagströmer, professor at the Division of Physiotherapy, NVS. Photo: Ulf Sirborn.

On January 1, Maria Hagströmer, professor at the Division of Physiotherapy, took office as Departmental Director of Education (GUA) at NVS. Maria is honored to have been appointed GUA, and her vision is to work together with colleagues to strive for the highest quality in education at the department.

Did you anticipate being nomination as GUA?

– No, not really. Although I have a great interest in educational issues and my professorship is within education and research, my focus for the past years has been mostly on doctoral education and research.

What is your experience of working with issues related to education?

– I have been passionate about working in education and teaching at KI since 1999. In the beginning, primarily at first cycle level, but since my PhD in 2007 also at second cycle level as well as doctoral education. I have experience of course leadership at all levels, headed projects in pedagogical development, been teacher representative in programme and education committees, as well as more recently Head of the Division of Physiotherapy, with overall responsibility for education at the division.

During two years at Sophiahemmet University, I helped build the doctoral education and in the role of Head of Department there, I had overall responsibility for courses within the nursing and specialist nursing programmes. I have been involved in UKÄ evaluations both at KI and Sophiahemmet.

– In addition, I am one of the evaluators of pedagogical competence at RU, for positions aimed towards education. I also have experience of participating in several working groups related to education at KI. Since 2011, I am a member of the KI Pedagogical Academy.

Did you need time to reflect before accepting the GUA assignment?

– Yes. I was incredibly honored to be nominated, but also a bit surprised as I had not been thinking about it myself. I needed to evaluate pros and cons, as well as think about how to make it fit into my existing portfolio and make adjustments.

–  In the end, the opportunity to work across the divisions with several other professions towards a common goal, made it easy to say yes.

What are your plans and visions as newly appointed GUA?

– First, I plan to get acquainted with the work and learn from all the good things that are already in place at the department. I am grateful that Anna Carin Wahlberg and Sofia Vikström will stay on as deputy GUA. I also want to meet with all programmes and divisions that are involved in education at NVS, to hear what they feel is working well and what their challenges are.

– I look forward to learning more about all the education we have at NVS and working together for the highest quality in education.