Published: 20-02-2024 14:38 | Updated: 20-02-2024 14:38

Make it difficult for the thief

Photo: Scott Graham from Unsplash

Once again, a computer has been stolen on our premises, therefore here is another reminder not to let unauthorized persons in. Do
when a door doesn't lock or if you see suspicious activity. We all need to work together.

  • Close the office door when you leave the room. Hide things that are susceptible to theft.
  • When entering with your card through our entrances, ask anyone who wants to enter at the same time to show their KI card. Call security on 08-524 860 60 if the person refuses. 
  • Have your own KI card visible.
  • Open the door with the handle, and use the automatic door opener only when necessary.
  • Follow your visitor out to the entrance door.
  • Follow your patient out to the reception.

Report a fault

During office hours:

Evenings and weekends: security guards 08-524 860 60