Published: 04-01-2024 14:02 | Updated: 12-01-2024 20:25

Lots of information at the start of the semester?

Do you feel overwhelmed by all information at the start of the semester? No worries! The University Library has gathered tips to help you stay on top of things.

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Tips from the library:

  • Check your student e-mail regularly: important information is sent here!
  • Note that not all information is posted on Canvas
  • Ensure you add an external email address in Ladok

Ps, did you know that you can also set up a forward from your student e-mail to your private email? Stay informed.

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What is included in my student account?

Everyone who studies at KI gets a student account that gives you access to several services, such as:

  • The learning platform Canvas
  • Student mail
  • KI's wireless network
  • Ladok
  • Microsoft 365
  • Remote library resources
  • My student account

My student account