Published: 15-08-2023 10:15 | Updated: 15-08-2023 10:15

LIME talks: The Nobel Prizes in Physiology or Medicine - the paths to benefit for humanity

In the project to be presented, Pauline Mattsson, Lund University, has studied how the research behind Nobel prizes has come to use and which knowledge transfer mechanisms and actors are important in getting the research out to society.

Doctoral students of these Nobel laureates play an important role in the commercialization of the research and are often the driving force behind why the Laureates get involved in commercialization.

Pauline Mattsson is a Lecturer at the School of Economics and Management, Lund University. Her research is at the borderland between sociology, business economics, and research policy and focuses on collaboration between academia and external actors and how research can lead to new discoveries. Pauline has previous research experience from MIT Sloan School, Berlin Social Science Center (WZB). She has experience from working for the policy consultancy group Technopolis and as a policy officer at the IPTS-JRC European Commission. She also acted as the vice president for Euroscience. Pauline did her PhD at LIME, Karolinska Institutet and have master degrees in Biotechnology Engineering and International Business.

Chair: Carl Johan Sundberg, professor at LIME, KI.

Date and time: August 23rd, 3 pm to 4.15 pm. This lecture will be online, no registration needed.

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