Published: 06-07-2023 12:29 | Updated: 06-07-2023 12:29

Letter from the Head of Labmed - July 2023

Dear colleagues!

Photo of Jonas Fuxe, Senior researcher, Department of Laboratory Medicine, Division of Pathology
Jonas Fuxe, Senior researcher, Department of Laboratory Medicine, Division of Pathology Photo: Filippa Fuxe

Summer is here and I would like to thank you for great work and contributions to our department and KI. I am excited to be the Head of Labmed, which represents a somewhat unique university environment where research and education is tightly linked to our clinical divisions. It requires creativity, good planning and organisation from all of us to make things come together and I am very impressed of how well this works within the department and the divisions. I am also thankful for the many of you who have told me that you are positive to help with organisation and institutional matters. 

Of course, there is always room for improvement and changes in how we think and do things. We have started a relocation process in ANA Futura, which will affect all of us. I am convinced that it will be for the better and that this is a great opportunity to rethink and optimize our work flow and increase networking and collaboration. I am sure that problems will arise and be discussed during this process - let us solve them together!

I wish you a well deserved summer vacation.

All the best,

Jonas Fuxe
Head of Department of Laboratory Medicine

Portrait of Lars Frelin
Photo: Gustaf Ahlén

Education at Labmed

A productive semester of teaching and working with educational questions at the department is coming to an end. As a department, we have a broad educational assignment at both basic level and advanced level, and in addition to that, we provide freestanding courses and professional education. Labmed is one of KI:s larger educational departments and participates in the majority of the university's educational programs. We can sum up that we have done a lot during the last year. To highlight a few things, we can now proudly say that our new program syllabus for the study program in Biomedical Laboratory Science has been approved by the Committee for higher education (KU). The first start of the program will be in autumn 2024 and work is now underway to develop content for the courses that will be given. Furthermore, preparations are now underway for the start of our new master's program in biomedical laboratory science. The first students start as early as August 28. We look forward to this!

There have also been some changes within the educational management at the department. Since first of May we have a new programme director in place, congratulations to Pernilla Lång. From August, Anna Wiik also takes over as assistant programme director for the study program in Biomedical Laboratory Science. I also would like to take this opportunity to thank Karin Bouma who will resign as assistant programmed director for her valuable efforts in education at the department.

Wishing you all a really nice and relaxing summer and see you soon!

Lars Frelin, director of education (GUA), and the educational management team

Information about "this and that"

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Congratulations Anna Wiik

Anna Wiik is new New appointed assistant Program Director (PD) at Labmed.

Ny forskargruppsledare

Welcome Anders Mutvei, new research group leader at the Division of Pathology. An interview with Anders will be published on the Labmed internal web after the summer.


Recipients of CIMED grant 2024-2026 at Labmed

Congratulations to the 5 excellent researchers receiving project grants from CIMED.

Anna Karlsson - new chairman of the Docent Committee at KI

We are happy to inform that Anna Karlsson at the Division of Clinical Microbiology has been appointed new chairman of the Docent Committee at KI from 1 July, 2023.

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A message from KI:s President Annika Östman Wernerson

"The dialogue meetings during spring has been very valuable"

Buy and sell lab and office equipment

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KI RIMS is taking shape

KI RIMS is KI's new system that aims to simplify and improve the handling of research information. The system retrieves data and information from several different systems that are currently used within KI and collects it in one and the same place. When KI RIMS is in operation, it will, for example, be easier for KI's researchers to maintain their CV and qualifications portfolio. Information will also be retrieved from KI RIMS to the personal profile pages and to group pages on

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