Published: 2020-09-08 11:08 | Updated: 2020-09-08 11:09

Letter from head of Labmed

Portrait of professor Matti Sällberg. Photo Andreas Andersson.
Matti Sällberg, professor vid institutionen för laboratoriemedicin. Foto Andreas Andersson. Foto: Andreas Andersson

Dear Colleagues at Labmed!

A warm welcome back to the autumn term. I hope you have had a nice and much needed holiday after a somewhat unusual spring.

Covid-19 continues to spread in society, which affects everyone's both private and working situation in different ways even during the autumn. At the Department of Laboratory Medicine, we continue to follow the recommendations given by the Swedish Public Health Agency and the KI management. That is; keep your distance, wash your hands and stay home at the slightest symptoms. Work from home applies for those who can. You must consult with your immediate manager who decides when this is appropriate and not.

The research at the Department continues even though much of the clinical research has been put on hold due to covid-19.

The education management at Labmed* informs that the teaching at KI during the autumn will take place in hybrid form, i.e performed as distance studies but also with campus elements. The campus teaching will focus on first-year students, practical elements and examinations as well as courses given in English.

Mouthguards will be used in certain parts where physical distancing cannot be maintained, such as certain laboratory work. However, KI would like to emphasize that mouthguards should only be considered as a complement to other infection control measures. The primary recommendation is still physical distancing and to stay at home if you are ill or have symptoms. Mouthguards have been distributed to the departments and special information to teachers has been sent out.

*) Peter Bergman, head of undergraduate education, Lars Frelin, program director, Karin Bouma, deputy program director and Busra Kocaturk, education officer

Keep updated regularly with the KI information to employees and students about covid-19.

Finally, some brief information about the following:

  • Congratulations Christian Giske who has been appointed head of the Division of clinical microbiology. Christian has been acting head of division since spring and officially started the position on 1 September. The appointment was made following an internal application process.
  • Congratulations Eleni Aklillu - newly appointed professor of tropical pharmacology at the Division of clinical pharmacology. Read the interview with Eleni here:
  • At Labmed, we have four doctoral student representatives who are appointed to represent all doctoral students at the department. They are responsible for communication between doctoral students, department councils and the doctoral student association (DSA). You will find who these representatives are here:

I truly hope that we will all have a much calmer and better autumn than the radical spring of 2020.

Matti Sällberg
Head of Department of Laboratory Medicine