Published: 06-03-2023 14:20 | Updated: 09-03-2023 10:14

Let us know your thoughts on what it is like to be a new student

Let us know what it was like for you at the beginning of your studies here at KI, what was helpful, and what was challenging. Help us improve the introduction to KI by joining our discussion group and share your experience. Participants will receive a cinema ticket and fika.

During a one-hour-long discussion group, we will talk about your introduction to KI and studies in Sweden. The student communication team at KI is working on improving the introduction to KI and university studies. To do so we need to hear your opinions on what has been helpful to you and what should improve. Together with other students, you will answer and discuss questions about your own experience as a new student.

Who can participate?

Current full-time international students at KI.

When and where?

Monday, March 20th at 17:00 – 18:00. 

Campus Solna, Berzelius väg, ingång 3, 7 eller 9. 

How to apply?

Send us your registration of interest by emailing us at and let us know who you are, where you come from, what you study at KI, and what year you are currently in. We need your application by Tuesday, March 14th.


In addition to contributing to improving the introduction for future students, we offer fika during the discussion, and after participation, you will receive a cinema ticket!


Amanda Nelzén Communications officer