Published: 08-07-2021 17:03 | Updated: 09-07-2021 15:33

Lennart Nilsson Award 2021 is awarded to Stephen Gschmeissner

Coloured scanning electron micrograph of ovarian cancer cells.
Coloured scanning electron micrograph of ovarian cancer cells. Photo: Stephen Gschmeissner

Scientific photographer Stephen Gschmeissner is one of the leading scanning microscopists in the world. He is awarded the prize for his tireless search to make visible the invisible, which has enabled new scientific breakthroughs.


Stephen Gschmeissner is awarded the Lennart Nilsson Award 2021 for his creative and ingenious efforts that enabled new scientific breakthroughs and opened new windows for observations of life. As a scientific director and photographer specialized in microscopy, his commitment and deep knowledge also made a profound impact on the training of the next generation of scientific and educational leaders. This has led to many new scientific discoveries in several areas such as tumor biology and neuroscience. During his long and successful professional career, he has embraced the true spirit of Lennart Nilsson and meets all the criteria to receive the award.

The Lennart Nilsson Award Foundation

The Lennart Nilsson Award Foundation was established in 1998 in recognition of the world-renowned Swedish photographer Lennart Nilsson and his extraordinary body of work. The main aim is to promote education, training, and research within the medical, biological and engineering sciences through the use of images. This is achieved through the Lennart Nilsson Award, an international award bestowed annually upon an individual in recognition of outstanding contributions within the realm of scientific photography.