Published: 2021-09-10 09:48 | Updated: 2021-10-05 11:56

Last week of FyFa Health Challenge!

two persons training in gym
Training session Photo: istok

We just started the last week of FyFa Health Challange. Here's the statistics for the final race.

  • We have registered  2412 workouts, which corresponds to approximately 33 sessions per person.
  • We have been exercising for 132 817 minutes, which corresponds to approximately 92 days of physical activity. 
  • We have moved 20 051 km, based on the workouts where you register distance for example running, walking, cycling.

Top 3 workouts: 

  • Walking, 565 workouts registered 
  • Cycling, 346 workouts registered 
  • Running,229 workouts registered 

The Yoga Ladies is right now the number one team with a 100% of the weekly goal collected and approximately 235 968 healthy points. The MoMoLeWo and The Optimists are following close behind.

Good job everyone!



Eva Gipperth Head of administration