Published: 20-10-2022 13:34 | Updated: 24-10-2022 08:55

KI's updated visual identity is being launched

Collage showing various elements comprised in the update
Implementation of KI's updated visual identity. Photo: Sofia Lindberg

KI's main Office 365 templates will be updated with a new look and partly new functionality on Thursday 20 October 2022.

In our recently published article, we described why the visual identity is being updated and what elements of the graphic profile are being affected. Information describing KI’s graphic guidelines on the Staff portal will be updated as the changes are being implemented.

Changes on KI's website

KI's websites,,, and, will be updated later with a new type-face, an expanded colour palette, and a digitally customized logo. 

Changes to KI's templates

The new and single typeface DM Sans is used in both digital and analogue channels throughout KI. The typeface is also pre-selected in the new templates.

Office 365

KI's Office templates have been updated with a new look and meet necessary accessibility requirements, which affects the design of both headers and footers as well as row length and colour. 

If you are a part of Coordinated IT

Just as before, you will find KI's Office 365 templates by selecting File-New in the programme of your choice, and choosing the Karolinska Institutet tab.

More detailed information can be found on Select KI templates in PowerPoint and Word.

If you are not a part of Coordinated IT

If your department is not a part of Coordinated IT, you can download the templates via Office365 online by following the steps below:

  1. Browse to Templates in Sharepoint
  2. Log in with your KI email and password
  3. Open the template of your choice or download a copy

If you open and work in the template directly from Sharepoint, make sure to use the Desktop App.

Screen shot showing how to edit in Sharepoint
Edit the template directly in Sharepoint.
Screen shot showing how to edit in the desktop app.
Open and edit the template in the Desktop App.


KI's InDesign templates have been updated with the new visual identity.

Other changes

Social media

KI's main social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn) have been updated with the new digitally optimised logo.

Printed production and signs

Printed material will gradually be updated with the new visual identity. Existing material, using the current graphic profile, may be used until it is to be updated, stage at which the new visual identity should be applied. The new visual identity should however be applied in any printed material created as from 20 October 2022.

Continued implementation

The implementation process is underway and with several steps ahead. The remaining changes will be implemented during the autumn. Some of the features are currently being tested and will subsequently be implemented at departments and units within Coordinated IT.

For departments and units which are not a part of Coordinated IT, the local IT managers will have access to files and instructions, but the technical conditions for implementing these changes may differ.

The typeface DM Sans

The new DM Sans typeface is already pre-selected in all KI Office 365 templates. It will also be installed automatically on all computers within Coordinated IT during October-November. 
You can contact if you need the typeface before then.


During October-November, DM Sans will be automatically installed and set as default typeface in Outlook (email) for all users within Coordinated IT.

Basic Word and PowerPoint templates

The templates that open when selecting "Blank document" and "Blank presentation" in Word and PowerPoint will be configured according to KI's visual identity and graphic profile. The changes are expected to take effect on all computers within Coordinat-ed IT during October-November.


Work is underway to create a KI-adapted sheet in Excel, which is expected to be available in the programme during October-November.