Published: 30-05-2024 16:18 | Updated: 30-05-2024 16:18

KI's Sustainability Award to Emma Swärdh

Emma Swärdh receives KI's Sustainability Award 2024. Photo: N/A.

Congratulations Emma Swärdh! NVS is today a proud department as one of our environmental and sustainability representatives has received the KI's Sustainability Award 2024

Emma Swärdh, Assistant Senior Lecturer at the Division of Physiotherapy, truly has a passion for sustainability issues.

The Council’s rationale: ”Emma Swärdh has shown outstanding commitment and leadership in sustainable development. Her work has contributed to increasing awareness of climate and health, both locally and internationally. Her efforts in research and teaching have ensured the knowledge development of future physiotherapists.

What was your first reaction when you found out that you had received the award? ?

”Joy, pride, and confidence!” says Emma. ”Working on this urgent topic, especially the environment and climate and its close connection with human health, can sometimes create the feeling of not doing enough. But the words that came directly to me were Greta Thunberg’s “No one is too small to make a difference”. I am a piece of life’s perhaps most important puzzle to lay.”

What does it mean to you? 

”Getting positive feedback through the sustainability award means a lot to me and shows that my commitment matters. It motivates me to continue working for change and inspire more people to engage in sustainability issues so that we can together drive the transition forward. My hope for the future is that sustainability becomes a central goal for the entire organizational development at KI where we as a university find new ways to develop agency both among employees and future health professionals, also world citizens. But to get there requires imagination, courage, willingness, visions, authenticity, and accountability. I am so grateful to work at a university where engagement in these issues is seen as positive and desirable. Thank you KI!”