Published: 26-06-2012 00:00 | Updated: 26-11-2013 10:29

KI´s Linnaeus Environments highly ranked

[NEWS 2012-06-14] The two Linnaeus Environments at KI are both highly ranked in a mid-term evaluation (after five years), and they are recommended continuous funding.

The main conclusion of the Developmental Biology for Regenerative Medicine (DBRM) was that "the DBRM environment has shown excellent scientific productivity and impact in an area of basic neural stem cell biology."

The main conclusion on STARGET - a Cancer Research Network was that STARGET activity has markedly increased the interactions between the members of the group, and enhanced the cohesiveness of the scientific outcomes. More visibility and very important, STARGET increased the basic science - clinical science collaborations."

Regarding the DBRM Research School the report is highlighting "In particular, the role that the DBRM Doctoral Programme plays in securing an integration between the clinical and bio(medical) disciplines is to be complimented."

The Linnaeus Grants are part of an initiative of the Swedish Research Council and the Swedish Council for Environment, Agricultural Sciences and Spatial Planning to support already strong research environments in Swedish Universities with the expectation to develop into strategic and internationally competitive research groups. Funding was granted to 20 Linnaeus Environments and eight doctoral programmes in 2006 for a duration of altogether ten years. Karolinska Institutet received two of the five grants in medicine.